Wakeshma Community Church Ministry team is proud to be able to offer our Sunday morning worship service on our website. The service is available in both a LiveStream broadcast and a podcast of recorded services. Occasionally due to licensing restrictions or technical difficulties there may be some silence during the live audio stream/podcast or we may not be able to broadcast the service that week. If you have any difficulties accessing the content or have suggestions that could help is us improve the listening experience, please feel free to Contact Us.


The live audio stream is available only during the 10:30 AM EST morning worship service. The player below will play the live audio stream whenever the audio stream is active. The live audio stream will be started muted a few minutes before the morning worship service starts to allow for listeners to connect. Currently, the live audio stream does not start from the beginning of the broadcast whenever a listener connects. If you want to hear the entire service live, please make sure to start listening at 10:30 AM EST or a couple minutes before.  Depending on your devices operating system/web browser, the player may not be shown if the live audio stream is not active.


The podcast episodes are posted after the service and can be played directly from the player below. The episodes, as well as xml based feeds, iTunes subscription links, and MP3 direct downloads are also available on the Podpoint Podcast page for those who wish to subscribe on their PC/mobile device or download the MP3 file directly.

Wakeshma Community Church respects copyright laws. Every effort is made to obtain the  proper licensing or permission for any copyrighted content that is used in our services. We purchase licensing through CCLI. If you are a copyright holder and you feel that we have infringed on your rights please feel free to Contact Us so that we can resolve the matter.