About Us

A Bit of History

Wakeshma Community Church was founded as First United Brethren in 1886 by a group of dedicated Christians who needed a place to worship.  Starting from a gift of land by two farmers – Hiram and Jerry Roe — the church stands today as a testimony of God’s grace in our community.  In 1958, after 71 years as First United Brethren, the church became independent due to a shortage of ministers and this is how we became Wakeshma Community Church.  In 1969 the original wooden church was torn down but the original bell still rings each Sunday calling people to worship!  The entire church and auxiliary buildings stand as a witness to the faithfulness and love of past generations who realized we all need to know God’s salvation.


Our Pastor

Pastor David and Winifred MackalusoDavid Mackaluso has been the Pastor of Wakeshma Community Church since April 1990.  He and his wife Winifred have two children, Lisa and Josh.  Winifred is a teacher with the Athens Community Schools.  Lisa is married to Caleb Snyder and they have two children, a son Rowan and daughter Theryn.  Josh is married to Charissa and they have two children a son Adam and daughter Lydia.